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Tiny habits are a behavior change method created by BJ Fogg, a behavioral scientist, and Stanford University professor.


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From Scientist to Coach My Journey of Personal and Professional Growth

I understand the pressures of being a scientist and leader. For over 23 years, I dedicated myself to serving the public as a distinguished scientist with the Food and Drug Administration. Throughout my tenure, I have experienced firsthand the challenges of leading teams of scientists, publishing research papers, and navigating complex regulatory environments.

Through my extensive experience in leadership and mentoring programs at the FDA, I have honed my skills in guiding and supporting scientists to achieve their professional goals. I have also contributed to numerous working groups and committees, and have been recognized with over 20 awards for my contributions.

Now, as a full-time life coach, I am on a mission to use my expertise and experience to help other scientists reach their full potential and achieve their professional aspirations. Let me guide you on a journey to success and fulfillment in your career and personal life.”


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What people say?

Suf's guidance during the last 9 months in our mentorship journey has been a guiding light in both my professional and personal life, and I believe it is essential to acknowledge the profound impact I have noticed in my life. His ability to actively listen and provide wisdom and perspective has been instrumental throughout this process, where I've not only gained a clearer vision of my business but have also matured in my personal life. I received guidance that helped me navigate challenges with resilience, make informed decisions, and set meaningful goals. His exceptional qualities, experience, and dedication make him an invaluable asset to any individual or organization
- Melike O. MD
Hamburg, Germany
Over the past few years, Suf has been a friend, professional mentor, and life coach to me. He is personable, has a calm demeanor, and is a great listener. He possesses a vast breadth of relevant life experiences that he skillfully incorporates into his storytelling approach to his teaching style
- Jake Kyprianou, Ph. D
Rockville, Maryland US.
I didn't realize how powerful Suf's life mentoring could be until I selected him as mentor. It's amazing how his knowledge in human behavior and advice can lead to big results. I'm more confident and productive than ever before!
- Shaila Shaheed M.S.
Silver Spring, Maryland US

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