The Creative Drive : Thinking Tools for a Life Powered by Creativity by Suf Alkhaldi

The massive amount of books written about creativity has fascinated me over time. I enjoy reading about the problems and how our human minds have been able to solve these complications.  The ability to solve problems not defined let alone understood makes our life very interesting. I am always interested in the creative process of the human mind.  One of my favorite writers in this field of creativity is Edward De Bono. He has captivated me since high school when I read his first book: Lateral Thinking. There was a time in my life when I always said that there were no difficult problems which lateral thinking could not solve — I know now that I was naïve.  But the fact that I was always happy to use the tools and to try to find new solutions for everything was such a thrill in my life.  Although Edward De Bono was my favorite writer, I could not escape his pompous writing tone. He is a very intelligent physician from Malta who did some work at Harvard and other universities and is an outstanding thinker of our current history. His ability to highlight that creativity is something we all can be trained to have was something I was seeking for a long time.  This search was always in my mind whenever I found small or big problems.  The search also made me seek new problems to solve and new solutions to explore as well.  I was happy that these tools I encountered for the first time were not that hard, and I did not need to be a genius in order to implement them.  Later in my reading, I was introduced to mind-mapping, slow and fast thinking, critical thinking, and more. The second topic fascinating me is the future.  The future to me is like a big puzzle.  People always try to predict it — thinking that they might be able to make our daily lives better. I do strongly believe that reading the future is a kind of necessity if you want to navigate life successfully.  The future is something more mysterious than creativity.  Predicting the future might help you financially and socially.  How do you know whether you have mastered the skill of predicting the future?  I always tell my wife and my son that if you predict something, and it does happen, this means you are ahead by one to two steps to know the situation or the person you predicted.

In a way, if you mix creativity with future prediction, you will gain a very valuable skill which will help you not only in your daily life, but also it will allow you to understand many complex situations where many people have given up or missed the signs because they were vague or fuzzy.

In this Blog, I will explore two topics in detail that represent my overwhelming interest since I was a teenager. These topics will be mixed with my own experience, education, and my work as a researcher in molecular biology (and please don’t let this scare you). The contents of this Blog represent my own findings from reading many books, websites, blogs, and conversations with many people as well as my own thinking and analysis.  Let us start.

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