The 2016 motivational formula by Suf Alkhaldi

As we enter the new year of 2016,  we are faced — as we are every year — with our new year’s resolutions and the need for discipline to achieve them.  In all cases, we need to have motivation to achieve these goals, let alone writing them. Why are some people easy to motivate and others are difficult? The secret of this is that we are all different.

My 2016 advice
My 2016 advice

What works with other people might not work with us and vice versa. Looking at cutting-edge research in motivation might help us to explore different methods and choose the best one to motivate us. In other words, we need to customize any technique when we try to modify our behavior. We need to observe ourselves carefully in order to know what works to motivate us and what does not. One thing you need to do to discover what really … really motivates you is to document and try as many techniques as possible. Do not limit yourself to one method, because it is almost impossible that one method will motivate all of us.  Multiple techniques  with different types of combinations are the secret to successful results.

Two bloggers who write about motivation and achievement inspire me all of the time.  I read their work to motivate and keep me moving forward in finding the best ways to work.  Cal Newport is the father of deep work and the writer of Study Hacks–in fact, he has a book which is going to be published in this field very soon.   The second blogger is Leo Babauta who writes Zen Habits blog.  I have a great respect for him.  His writing amazes me all of the time because it is simple, direct, and inspiring. He has mastered the simplicity of creating direct methods of changing our lives as well as adopting great habits to help us move forward.

The following is my advice for 2016:

  1. Have a clear mission statement and try to work with complete transparency.
  2. Have autonomy in your work as much as possible  and always seek to understand the big picture to see how your work is relevant.
  3. Seek support from your boss and colleagues by being transparent.
  4. Use different methods to motivate yourself until you discover what works for you.
  5. Don’t waste time when negative and depressing thoughts come and attack your mind. Just let negative thoughts slide off your back and only hold onto the positive thoughts circulating around your mind.
  6. Focus your attention on action-oriented work. Just move forward without allowing your attention to be distracted, and do not over-react or under-react to things.
  7. Decrease your stress at work by yoga, exercise, meditation, and powerful naps!
  8. Be patient when things don’t work out or you fail to achieve your written goals.
  9. Read blogs which can inspire you. Cal Newport and Leo Babauta are a good start.
  10. Take as many vacations as possible. Vacations slow time and recharge your batteries.

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