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My blog is about discovering the future using creativity. It is about finding out what motivates each one of us. It is about how we can move forward with our life and have fun. As I love computers and computer software, I am always in search of new technologies which can make our lives easier, interesting, and fun. This blog is still a “baby” and far from perfection. My blog will feature several powerful articles about motivation, science, and creativity written after reading a lot of books, websites, blogs, and scientific research. As I am not a full time blogger, this blog is written at night when I come home from work and weekends. In all these posts, I seek simplicity, motivation, inspiration, TM meditation, and creativity. My name is Suf Alkhaldi, and I am a scientific advisor and chief operating officer in my division, working for the federal government. Therefore, anything I write in my blog represents my own thinking and does not reflect the position of my employer. I have a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Cell Molecular Biology. If you are interested to see my background click on my website. If you like to see my scientific publications please click on manuscript published link. I love science and computers, but I do not like many of the ways that scientific institutions teach science. I have been married to my beautiful wife Sara for 25 years (and more), and I have one intelligent boy who eats, drinks, sleeps, and dreams about computer programming and artificial intelligence. I live in the rich greater cosmopolitan Washington, DC area. I hope we can meet one day.