My Book

imageFascinated by the future and science, I am writing a book about how to figure out things in you life using both subjects. I don’t see the two topics separated but rather intertwined.  Many books available on the market are very specific and very deep — creating in the reader a sense of being lost or confused.  My writings serve as good reference material as well to figure things out in life. These tools whether in science or life improvement are a product of my understanding and a sincere effort to extract useful knowledge to move forward without spending too much time on fluff. My readers will be a range of people — scientists, researchers, writers, career-oriented young people (high school and new graduates) — who are interested in science but are afraid to dive in because of its apparent difficulty. Each chapter discusses proven tools to improve our lives. Other chapters will present a summary of human experience in making our daily life much better and easier. Hundreds of tips to beat life will be explored including how to avoid freeze and choke under pressure and how neuroplasticity is helping our mind to develop alternate neural networks by bypassing the original circuit, helping us to decrease our pain. The book contains ten chapters; each chapter will be around 5,000 words. My goal is to finish writing this book this year 2023. I blog about the future, science, technology, and self-improvement. Occasionally, I will post on a subject that does not fit neatly into these categories.