You cannot imagine how happy I am that you clicked on this section, my favorite par, to help you in life. I have been mentoring people in my work for more than 25 years. What I’ve discovered over these years is that people continuously seek a second opinion or a close friend to run ideas by them for honest feedback. Keeping that in mind, I’ve done my best to provide them with my opinion, drawing upon the vast knowledge I’ve accumulated from self-help books.

When I work with or for you, we will together develop a framework of principles to not only overcome mental blocks and achieve your goals, but also find the motivation and courage to move forward boldly, eliminating fear and laziness—the most common factors contributing to mental blocks.

During my work at the FDA, I had a friend (an outstanding thinker) where I met for lunch every two months.  He is sharp intelligent scientist where I always enjoyed having lunch with him.  He one time asked me how come I have so many people who are eager to have lunch with me?  He cannot remember that he is having lunch with anyone except me.  Suddenly, I had some kind of epiphany that I never thought about.  I told him, it is simple, I just have three rejections a week!  

This habit of meeting people for lunch developed twenty years ago after reading the book “Never Eat Alone” The book was written by Keith Ferrazzi, a renowned author and speaker in the field of networking and relationship building. I was amazed that being social created mental stimulation and made my life more interesting. Seeking a better social life should be a deliberate effort. This single piece of advice created many social networks, allowing me to be promoted three times at the FDA, reaching the top one percent of FDA leadership. I even had my reserved parking space and my own executive secretary! If someone had told me this 30 years ago, I would have thought they were hallucinating.

My approach to working with you or your team is to develop small habits, goals, and aspirations that can lead to job promotion, increased job productivity, and life satisfaction. My role is to listen to fears and challenges, both at work and at home.  My area of expertise lies in working with scientists or individuals with a science background. My focus is on building confidence and helping you to navigate life. I will work diligently to identify small habits that can reduce stress and improve your family and work relationships.

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