As a futurist and science blogger, I attend many national and international conferences each year. I listen to many great speakers, and I am always fascinated by presenters who can move the audience to their feet. I am an avid watcher and listener of TED talks. These speakers are my role models. I have studied them very well. Some have moved me to tears and some have moved me to run 100 miles a day.  When I talk, my goal is to intrigue the audience with the magic of new scientific discoveries. The following describes what you can expect from me when you invite me as a speaker at your conference. This what I can talk about at your event:

  • Short (20 minutes, TED talk time ) and very intriguing talk.
  • Specific to your audience with many live examples.
  • The latest in three topics — Future, Science, Management, representing my passion.
  • Full disclosure since I work for the U.S. government. This present my personal opinion and does not represent the employer which work for.
  • If you would like to check if I am available, please send me an email at Sufalkhaldi@FutureandScienceHacks.com.  Some of my talks will be free if your budget does not permit — if you are in the Washington, DC area.

What you should anticipate from my talk:

Lively discussion and social interaction with the audience afterwards. I am happy to join in a 1 to 1 discussion or in a focused group.

 Fascinating Topics:

As I am fascinated by the future, science, and self-empowerment, my talks will be filled with all the current information which is changing our lives. I like to give the audience some kind of road map for the next 5 to 10 years down the road. Following are the most interesting topics.

  • Breaking the fear of choking (freezing):
    Writing my blog

    Have you ever studied very hard for an exam and when the time came for taking the exam, you completely failed?  If you said yes, you are not alone. This phenomenon of failing under pressure is also found in sports. The loss is accompanied by misery and total defeat. For example, a boxer or a tennis player fails even after a tremendous amount of preparation. We are left wondering what went wrong. People say it is bad luck!  Luck, I am sure, does not have anything to do with it.  A lack of preparation and failing to perform under a tremendous amount of pressure, choking, is the main reason. My talk will teach you how to break that barrier.

  • Artificial Intelligence and our daily life: The fear of self-control robotOur lives are filled with robots capable of taking care of many tasks.  Most robots function as inspection and surveillance tools, helping us to do very boring tasks.  Producing robots with high Artificial Intelligence (AI) has moved from the testing stage in labs to the streets. We might call 2015 the year of Artificial Intelligence. 2015 is the first year when we have self-driving cars. 2015 is also the year of producing AI capable of understanding legal language, making our legal life much easier.  My talk will introduce you to the world of AI and examine what big companies like Google, Tesla, and Facebook are doing now.
  • 10 milestones to change your life now:  From day one when I stepped into high school, I decided that one day I would be a scientist.  When I finished my B.S., I thought I was so tired that I just wanted to stop living. When I finished my M.S., I cried by dropping tears that this would be my last hard work. When I finished my Ph.D.,  I was too exhausted to even celebrate the victory so that my first thoughts were to sleep!  It is now 18 years later and I am climbing the ladder of success one step at a time. These 10 milestones will be your guide to achieve what you want.

Other Topics: If you have another idea which you’d like me to present, let’s talk.   I would be happy to develop a new presentation for your event.