The Art of Figuring Things Out: Junto Club

The Junto Club, founded by Benjamin Franklin, was a group of individuals who came together to discuss a variety of topics and improve themselves and their community. Here are some rules that I will be implementing for the club, based on the original Junto Club rules:

  • Virtual two hours meeting using zoom will be conducted every month.  The maximum number of people who will be allowed to attend is 20 members at a time.
  • The meetings will not be recorded.  
  • Whenever you talk, you will have a maximum of 5 minutes to express your opinion with two follow-up questions.  Total of 10 minutes.
  • Members must be honest and sincere in all their interactions with the group.
  • Members must be respectful of each other’s opinions and viewpoints, even if they disagree. 
  • Each meeting should have a designated topic or question to be discussed and debated by the group.  The topic of discussion will be announced two weeks in advance.  Two members will be kicking off the discussion. 
  • Members should come prepared to the meetings with their own thoughts and ideas on the designated topic.
  • Members should be open-minded and willing to listen to different perspectives.
  • Members should be committed to personal growth and self-improvement.
  • Confidentiality should be maintained among members to allow for open and honest discussion.
  • Members should be committed to attending meetings regularly and contributing to the success of the club.
  • These rules will help to ensure that the club is a supportive and constructive environment where members can learn from each other and work towards common goals.